It’s officially the beginning of summer! With the summer months comes BBQs, outdoor sports, family vacations, and unfortunately, pesky mosquitos.

Mosquitoes can carry a wide range of diseases including the Zika virus. The main concern for the Zika virus is pregnant mothers, and women planning on getting pregnant in the near future. A mother can acquire the virus through the mosquito directly, or through sex with a partner infected by the virus, from there, the virus can then pass on to the unborn fetus causing birth defects.

Fortunately, the Zika virus is on the decline in the US! The Zika virus was first introduced to the United States in 2016, resulting in 41,000 cases in its first year. Only two years later there are only 66 known cases and no known local mosquito-borne transmissions. With the Zika virus being almost nonexistent in the US, is there still reason to worry about the virus?

Even though the United States is nearly Zika free, there are still cases of the virus in other countries. The Zika virus is most prevalent in warm tropical climates such as Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Since the summer months are a popular time for traveling, make sure if you are traveling abroad to see if the location you are heading to is at risk of Zika.

The best way to prevent all mosquito-transmitted diseases including the Zika virus is to prevent against mosquito bites altogether. And, if you do travel to a potential Zika virus area this summer, make sure to check in with a physician when you get back.

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