Cardiovascular health is important for all ages and activity levels. This summer is a great time to work on your heart health and here are some easy tips to get you started.

Manage cholesterol – High levels of cholesterol can be associated with heart disease. The best way to monitor your cholesterol is to limit your intake of saturated and trans fats. A simple tip is to switch out your butter for olive oil and your red meats for cold water fish.

Maintain healthy blood pressure – Summer BBQs are full of salty foods, but salt is one of the main factors that contributes to high blood pressure which can cause heart disease. Sprinkling some different herbs and spices or a little lemon juice is a good substitute for salt. You can also maintain blood pressure by limiting alcohol, caffeine, and stress.

Quit smoking – Smoking puts a large strain on your heart and quitting is a huge step in the right direction to a healthy heart.

Physical fitness – Summer weather is the perfect time to work on your physical fitness and increase your heart health. Taking your pets for a hike or going kayaking with the family is a fun way to increase your heart rate. Also now that the weather is warmer, you can take a break from sitting and spend your lunch break going for a brisk walk outside.

Healthy BMI – A good start to a healthy heart is a healthy BMI (body mass index). Extra weight can put a strain on your heart, making daily activities harder. Some easy tips this summer to maintain a healthy weight is to have more frequent smaller meals, stay active, and switch out high-calorie drinks for a glass of water.

Now is the perfect time to take steps towards improving your heart health! Call us today at 352-332-7222 to schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss your heart health and their recommendations for you.