You may have read last month’s blog What Is a Midwife and had some of your questions answered about who we are and what we do. But you may still be asking yourself “so what’s so different between a midwife and an OB/GYN?” While both midwives and OB/GYN’s are focused on caring for women, there is a difference in philosophies and approach. Keep in mind, that like all women, all midwives and OB/GYN’s are unique so not all experiences will be the same.


  • Midwives strive to be your partner in care

Did you know midwife means “with woman”? This is the cornerstone of midwifery care, and what we base all that we do upon. As midwives our focus is on our patients, and that includes making our patients part of the decision making process. Midwives take into consideration your wants and needs, no matter the situation, and work with you to achieve the best results for you and your health. We are here to help educate and guide you as you make decisions regarding your healthcare.


  • Midwives focus on caring for a full range of healthcare needs, throughout your life

Midwives do more than deliver babies. We are here to care for you through every phase of your life, from adolescent gynecology visits to menopause care and everything in between. As midwives, we get to know our patients and this personal approach helps us to provide the best possible care.


  • Midwives work in a variety of settings

While OB/GYN’s are limited to working within the traditional hospital setting, midwives have more flexibility to provide care and deliver babies in birth centers and at home. The midwives of Comprehensive Women’s Health will be opening a new freestanding birth center, which will allow us to offer more options for women in North Central Florida when giving birth. Our new facility will also include tubs and allow for water births, all while under the guidance of your midwife.


  • Midwives don’t believe childbirth is one-size-fits-all

Just like the women we care for, we know that every birth is unique. Every mom-to-be has expectations and wishes for her birth, and when the time comes to deliver, situations may change as well. As midwives, we believe that childbirth is a natural process of the body and that low-risk pregnancies should have the option to create the birth plan women desire. So whether you want to give birth in a bed, in a tub, on a ball; in the birth center or hospital; with or without an epidural, your midwife is here to support you and make childbirth the truly amazing experience that it was meant to be.

If you are interested in learning more about our midwifery services or would like to discuss how you can deliver your baby at our new birth center this fall, call us today at 352-332-7222.