Is your birth control not meeting your needs? Are you tired of taking a daily pill? Do you want more reassurance than over the counter contraceptive? Are your hormones out of whack? Let’s figure out which birth control method is best for you and your lifestyle!

Birth control isn’t just for preventing pregnancy, it can also protect you from STDs, regulate periods, minimize acne, help with endometriosis, and so much more. Birth control is also not only available in the traditional latex condom and a daily hormonal pill. You can now choose more long-term low maintenance options to fit your busy lifestyle. Once you decide what factors are most important to you, we can help you narrow down your choices to find the perfect birth control method.

Birth control is available with or without hormones. Some women have health concerns, side effects, or just want to prevent pregnancy on occasion, and don’t want to use a hormonal method.  There are many non-hormonal birth control options such as condoms that are cheap, easy to use, don’t need prescriptions, and also protect against STDs.

There are also many hormonal birth control options for a more regular and long-term decision. Hormonal birth control tends to be more expensive and requires either a prescription or to be administered by a doctor. However, with the higher price tag comes more convenience and higher percentages of effectiveness. There are many options such as IUDs, which are inserted one time and can last up to 12 years, and are 99% effective. Many hormonal options can also be taken out if you decide that you want to become pregnant. Hormonal birth control does not protect against STDs and should be used along with condoms.

There are also permanent one-time decisions such as Sterilization and Vasectomies. They are both surgical procedures that permanently prevent pregnancy. Both of these options give you the convenience of no longer having to buy over the counter contraceptive or having to take hormonal birth control.

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